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About Us

Our vision is to

Have fun together building the coolest convenience-experience on the planet!


When we look and act professional in our roles, we are better able to thrill our customers.  We want you to be comfortable while serving an important role on our teams.  It is important that customers can easily identify you as a team member at Maverik.  Remember to live the Maverik Leadership Standards every day with every customer.  Show them the importance of our Titanium Rule by treating each customer better than they expect.


If you have any questions regarding our personal appearance or dress code policies found in UCentral, please reach out to your Store Leaders or District Manager.


Thank you for being a part of Maverik and making each day better for our customers.



Amy Anderson, Sam Campbell, Kent Green, Andre Lortz, Sheila Merrigan & Michael Valandra

Your Operations Leadership Team